In addition to our small group music & movement classes for younger children, we also offer weekly 30 minute private piano, voice, ukulele, guitar, and flute lessons! 

Private Lessons are $94/month. Private lessons are on a monthly subscription enrollment. The same price is charged each month and is based on 45 lessons per year. Our lessons calendar will show when our scheduled breaks are when we will not have lessons. Tuition is the same no matter how many lessons are in that month. Some months there will only be 3 lessons because of holidays but some months there may be 5 lessons depending on how many weeks are in that month. It will usually average out to 4 lessons per month.  

Enrollment is online and requires a credit card at time of enrollment. Payment for upcoming month of lessons is charged on the 1st of the month.

We do not refund for missed lessons but if the teacher needs to cancel a lesson we will attempt to reschedule the lesson or we will apply a credit for that lesson for the following month. 

We ask for a 1 month notice for cancellation of enrollment in our program. 

Email us at to register or if you have any questions!